Allison Kirk

Where did Moe go?

April 7, 2017

For those of you who are loyal listeners you have heard a different voice on the Morning Show here on Star 94FM. Instead of Moe…you’ve been listening to the highly esteemed Dave Bear. Dave Bear can be heard weekdays on the Swap Shop/Shopping Show on our sister station KNCO 830am from 3-5pm. Sometimes employees need time off…so others will step up to the plate and fill in the gap. Or sometimes they step up to the plate to drive the current co-host nuts!

It is no secret that Dave Bear and I have a brother/sister relationship of poking fun and terrorizing one another. I guess the mature thing to do would be to let Moe take his much deserved break in peace so he comes back to work rejuvenated….but I am not that mature. Instead I have taken great joy in sending Moe rotten text’s throughout these last few days. This will make him think twice next time he wants to leave his trusted co-host! When you work closely with someone in a small room for half a day you become a team! Moe is my BFF and he laughs at all my jokes and listens to my problems! Not to mention I have had no updates on the chickens or his cat Areletta Van Hausen!

Hopefully over the weekend, I will recover from this unfortunate catastrophe and come Monday Allison and Moe will back on the airwaves giving everyone the stability they need to get through the day. I hope you all have enjoyed the entertaining bantering between myself and Dave Bear this week. Don’t forget to check out the savings on the Shopping Show by visiting and clicking on the Shopping Show link. And tune in to Dave’s show in the afternoons…it’s really quite good…but if you tell him I said that I will deny it. And Moe…if you are reading this…next time you want to take time off…just forget about it.


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