The Dirt

Liz & Chris do “The Dirt”every week day at 4:20 am. “The Dirt” is 3 short, gossip type stories, often about celebrities or salacious current news items.

Dave and Andi In The Morning – Mon-Fri, 5:45-10 

Listen in weekday mornings with Dave and Andi, from 5:45 to 10 for a great variety of music from yesterday and today!  Call in to win great prizes during the seven o’clock hour, at 530-477-9494. Catch up on what’s happening with the musical groups and artists you love.  Win cash with “The Galaxy Club” weekdays, and get traffic and weather three times an hour. Don’t miss “Throwback Thursdays,” featuring the music of the 1960s, 70s and 80s, submit your request.

Galaxy Club – Mon-Fri, Between 7 and 9

Get your Galaxy Club key tag number and listen in for your chance to win at least $50 somethime between 7 and 9. Each week we don’t get a winner, we’ll add $9.41 to the jackpot.  When your Galaxy Club key tag number is called, you’ll have 9 minutes and 41 seconds to call Star 94FM at 530-477-9494 and claim your cash prize!  Join the Galaxy Club