Sexy Prom Dresses? Hmmmm….

April 28, 2017

Prom season is upon us. The dresses are out in stores and young women all over America are searching for the perfect dress. Now I am a huge fan of Pinterest and there is a frequent pin that really irks me regarding this topic. The pin usually features a young high school aged girl in a gown usually showing skin around the waist, very lower back or chest areas. At the top, it reads “Click here for Sexy Prom Dresses”. Now if I had a daughter in high school attending a prom I can’t imagine that I would click on any of these sites. Would you want your teen daughter to look sexy? Or would you rather her look classy, or beautiful, or stunning?

Call me old fashioned…but I don’t think we should teach our teenage daughters that they need to be sexy at Prom. I think most teen girls don’t feel sexy anyways. Many of them feel awkward, unattractive, and unsure of themselves. When I was that age, wandering around the hallways of high school, I was just trying to cover up my blemishes and hide in oversized hooded sweaters. I was trying to get through the high school years and being “sexy” was the last thing on my mind! Don’t our teenage girls have enough to worry about these days?  Like peer pressure to partake in things they know are wrong or even illegal. Or how about those mean kids that hang out in the hallways just to make fun of others when they walk by. Or the insurmountable amount of homework that is due each day that can keep these kids up late each evening and exhausted the next morning waking early for school. On top of all of this, these young girls are trying to figure out their identity and what kind of person they want to become.

If you are a teenage girl reading this and can identify with any of these feelings currently…I want to tell you that it is okay to be where you are right now. Someday I promise, you will discover who YOU are and hopefully be confident in that body you are in. When you find this confidence you will not only feel “sexy”… you will be “sexy”. You will know the appropriate places to dress classy, casual or sexy. You will know that you don’t need to be “sexy” in your teen years. Instead, take those years to learn, have fun with your friends, and be a kid!

If you are a parent (a Dad or a Mom) reading this…go shopping with your daughter for her prom dress. Make this an opportunity to help her find the right dress for her body that will make her look and feel classy, beautiful, or stunning. And maybe keep the “sexy” for a later time in your little girl’s life.


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