In The Presence Of Perfection

April 27, 2016

It’s been nearly five months since I had the honor of taking over as co-host of Star 94FM’s “Morning Buzz,” and I must say, I’ve learned a tremendous amount.

Working alongside Greg Jannetta has been a dream come true. I mean that literally, because when I first was introduced to him in August of 2013, I thought, OMG…It would be a dream to work with this man. Watching him in the studio from 6-9A.M. is the highlight of my day. Listening to Greg discuss music, and the inns and outs of radio broadcasting, is like what I imagine holding Picasso’s palette for him must have felt like. You know, Peter Picasso, the famous Italian painter.

I have to honestly say that sharing the studio with Greg for three hours a day, five days a week…so that’s…like…roughly 90 hours a month, has been the greatest career decision I have ever made. He has the voice of an angel, but like not any regular angel, an angel that like, plays the theremin while soaring above the Himalayas, curing disease by winking his eyes.

Yes, I am truly grateful. Grateful, like how the Donner Party must have felt when that drone finally rescued them from the harsh elements of the Great Smokey Mountains. Greg really won the wing-eating contest by the way.

I love sports!




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