Moe Howard

Giant Otter NOT Spotted in Nevada County

January 24, 2017

This morning, Allison mentioned that her kitty captured a huge rat and left it’s carcass on her kitchen cutting board, in what was probably a tribute. Ramblin’ Rose, one of Star’s long time listeners suggested that such a cat could be mighty handy if food was scarce. Perhaps on Wednesday, we can discuss rat recipes. If we all lived 6 million years ago, ┬áprimitive Allison’s saber tooth pet feline would have probably captured one of those prehistoric creatures, such as the giant otter species found in China’s Yunnan province by a team of scientists. To be fair, they discovered just the cranium, but it was well preserved, so it was pretty simple to determine it’s size, they say. Can you imagine how many meals you could make from a giant otter? To paraphrase the 3 stooges, “why I otter…”


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