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Submitted by Natalee Fowler:

My mom deserves to win because she has worked so hard to raise my brothers and I all by herself. She has been driving to Auburn to work for over 10 years to make sure that we have everything we could ask for. She need a break

Submitted by Kimberly Perches:

Moms name is Lori Smith
My Mom raised my sisters and I on her own barely making ends. She retired 4 yeas ago took me and my son in when I was injured at work and unable to work. She took me to Dr apts and even tho she couldn’t afford to be supporting me financially she did everything she could. She helped me with my son taking him to and from school and football practices and games. My twin sister lost her job a year ago and she’s been leaving her own bills unpaid to be able to help my sister pay rent and pge. She runs her around daily to dr apts and to run errands. She also makes sure she is supportive and of all 7 of her grandchildren. She never says no even if agreeing to help with put her out. She has done so much for us over the years without complaining once. It would be nice to be able to give something back to her. She never does anything for herself and never ask for anything in return.
Submitted by Sam Roth:

My mother was just a teen when she had her first child. She gave up the everything she knew in Southern California to raise him in Nevada County. Eventually she had four of us. She dedicated her life to giving us everything we could ever need and then some. My mother has and always will be the most giving and compassionate person I know. She stops at nothing to help those in need, always. For the past few years she’s had difficult health problems, but still continues to put those around her first, even during her worst times. She has always led as a gracious and giving example with nothing expected in return. I would be blessed just to know a person like my mother in this life and I’m even luckier to call myself her daughter. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, she truly makes the world a better place.

Submitted by James Harrison:

My fiancé and I have a total of 5 children (I have 2 from a previous relationship and she has 3). Our home burnt down on February 14th, 2017, due to our dryer catching on fire. We lost everything except the pajamas we ran out in. My mother took all of us into her home without question or a second thought. The rentals in Nevada County are slim and it took us almost 3 months to find a rental for our family. My mother made sure that we were as comfortable as we could be. She works full time and would coordinate with my fiancé every night about dinner and making sure the kids felt as normal as they could in our terrible situation. My fiancé and I both work full time and my mother helps with our children’s medical and dental appointments (she has Mondays off of work). We have now been in our new rental for 2 weeks and she still calls every night to check in with us and see if there is anything she can do to help. She suffers from epilepsy and is over 60 years old and still manages to work full time and have such great compassion and caring for her family. My mother is an amazing women.

Submitted by Jen:

My mom Lori is hand down the most deserving of mothers day pampering. My twin sister kim and i were born 34 years ago on my sister Kelly’s 7th bday and my mom raised the 3 of us on her own. She started out as a temp worker with Placer county Court system after over 25 years of hard work and dedication she was able to retire as Placer County Court Supervisor. She now has 6 grandkids with #7 due in August. She is president of Sierra Muzzle Loaders club of Forbestown, ca. She is always helping others no matter what the task, her phone rings off the hook from the second the sun comes up till well after it sets with questons from club members or favors needed from her kids and grandkids. My car was totalled last year and my mom drives across town everyday to come get my kids to and from school and to sports practices and is constantly taking me to appointments and to run errands. My mom never says no to anyone and she deserves to have the best mothers day possible. I couldnt possibly even begin to tell you how much my mom does for others in this small paragraph, but the world would not function with out her and that is why she is the best Mom there ever was. Please pick her to win your mothers day contest!
Submitted by Brenden and Jacob for their Mom Pam:

I love my mommy so much she cooks and cleans and does laundry for all of use she buys use all kinds of stuff like she take us place and plays games with use love you mom Brenden and Jacob

Submitted by Lucy Lowrence:

My mom Avila Lowrance was just featured in the Union newspaper for her collaboration in a billegual cookbook. She worked hard and nonstop and put so much time and energy into in. All proceeds go to helping the Latin community in our area. After retiring from the nevada city school destrict in being a translater for spanish speaking families with babies with disabilities, she now spends her time volunteering for programs such as wolf creek alliance and wild life rehab and release. I think my my mom should win because of her great big heart, persistence and hard work. She is my greatest role model and reminds me to live life to fullest and treat others how I would want to be treated.

Submitted by Brittni Cearley:

My mom deserves to win because she works over night and working those hours she doesn’t feel like a normal person, she misses out on alot including family function, normal dinner hours, the sun light and much more.She has a 3 year grand daughter whom she doesn’t get to see enough because of her hours.I feel bad for her, she hasn’t had any kind of vacation since 1987, and has not called in sick since 2009.She is very dedicated and reliable, that should speak for itself, how hard she does work.She would probably faint or not believe it if she did win.But thank you for this drawing.I know its alot of work on your end also.

Submitted by Sarah Green:

My mother is a symbol of the qualities that a mother may achieve. She was an orphan at childbirth, her father raised her in Lithuania during the depression while he was starving and had to give her to an orphange at age 10. There she learned a trade as a seamstress. She survived the Holocaust with losing her son of age 4 to the Nazi’s. She was so fortunate to be able to start a new life in America, and came over with me on the SS Truman…. after Boston …we landed in San Jose, California. She instilled in me great empathy for the suffering of people, and to help. I became a teacher because of her and my father’s praise of the Citizenship teacher that they appreciated so much, and their love for the opportunity that America gave them. My mother is a hero, and sacrificed for me to be the best that I could be. Sarah Lack Green

Submitted by Jessica Waters:

I’m writing you to tell you why I think my mother is the best. I think my mother is the best because I became a young mother at the age of 16. My mother not already had shown me how important it was to have good character but most importantly how to be a strong women. But at the age of 16 terrified out of my mind that I was going to become a mother and oh my was I so scared! My mother not only did she support mentally, physically as my mother she became my best friend. Don’t get me wrong she did not paint the road for me and make things cake but now as I’ve been a mother for 19 yrs I can see why and am very thankful she didn’t. She should be how to manage life how to juggle 20 different things at once but most importantly how to be a good mom and remind me that I had someone who watched me, looked up to me, every second of the day and I was responsible for teaching him about life. My mother is the most selfless person I know, there is not a doubt in my mind that she would always be by my side no matter what. I can count on her to be my mother when I need her to be or to be a best friend if I need her to be. At 35 yrs old I am a single mother of two my mother and I have never been able to take a trip nor have I ever had the monies to treat her to show her how much I appreciate her. I hope that you read my brief story of Why I Think My Mom is the BEST and see that it would bring such a smile to my face to see her win this special gift! Thank you for your time and If if she doesn’t win that’s okay I just thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win!!

Submitted by Kerri Fulton:

I am proud to nominate my mother for this honor. My mother is the example of a strong but loving role model. She and my dad divorced when I was 15 years old and together she and I faced some difficult times. She taught me to build a future for myself and my family. She was so patient with me during my “I know everything” teenage years, and has been a gentle guide and confidant as I became a mother. She provides me with a balanced perspective only when asked for her opinion. She taught me the most important thing for living a happy life: be kind to eachother and find humor and joy where ever you go. She provided loving care for my own babies while My husband and I carved out a future for our family. My mom taught my siblings and I to be honest with our word and reliable in our actions. At this point in her life, she is providing care for her own mom while still gracefully meeting the demands of her part time job where she has worked so hard for 20+ years.. I wish I could pamper my mom like she truly deserves- I am so blessed to call her my mom and my friend.

Submitted by Avery Sidebottom:

Because she loves us so much ,and she is the best mom in the world. Because we can’t live with out her.

Poem Submitted by Rebecca Nick:

Why is my mother deserving
One look at her and you’d see
Her heart is as big as the ocean
She loves unconditionally
With sincere compassion for all
She’ll always help those in need
No matter the time, no matter the place
There’s not a hungry soul she won’t feed
Her charity comes without asking
And compassion is always showing
But she’s not just all sweet loving kindness
Her hard working ethics are glowing
A busy mother of six
She works day and night to provide
No mountain she wouldn’t climb for us
She’ll always be by our side
And the gift that she has with children
Such patience and kindness is rare
She nurtures with incredible love
With children she has quite a flair
And I could go on with this forever
Because she inspires me in every way
I don’t know how I got so lucky
But I am grateful for her everyday

Submitted by Jim Hughes:

Happy Mother’s Day to Tammy Hughes. The Mother of my children is top Mom! My kids are just the beginning of a long list of people she takes care of. Our parents, her Nana, and myself, are only a few of the folkes who love and depend on her. Regardless of her troubles and problems, everyone on that list always comes first. From keeping connected to family across the country to bringing a smile to a friend, her love, joy, strength, and dedication maker her deserving of Top Mom Honors! Love your husband Jim