Yea…That Was The School Bell.

August 13, 2014

Far fewer snooze buttons were fondled this morning as many of our area schools welcomed staff and students back for another year of  self-discovery and drama…and perhaps some academics.

Lockers are creaking for the first time in weeks today, as schedules are being finalized and instructors are being labeled. It’s a big year for some. My co-host Deana Martinez has a son entering his freshman year and a daughter beginning her senior campaign. That’s heavy duty indeed.

My daughter has a few more days off before she enters the 7th grade. This week we are slowly gathering the supplies needed for her first week of school. Friday we’ve decided to celebrate the end of summer vacation with a camping trip in western Nevada.

For those that have already started their semesters, I wish you the best of luck this year. The only advise I can give you this year, is to try your hardest to make decisions that will help you achieve your future goals. Be respectful, have your friend’s backs and cut mom and dad some slack from time to time.

We annoy you because we love you.


Good luck.


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