Until Tuesday : Have Fun, Be Safe

August 29, 2014

The Labor Day weekend is just about upon us, so remember to have a good time and use common sense.

The coming three day weekend will bring with it the usual over indulgence of food, alcohol and other party favors. DUI check points will be set up throughout the county until midnight on Monday, so as your planning your evenings, keep that in mind.

Campsites have been booked for months leading up to this weekend, which means lots of water activities and groups of people visiting area locations for the first time. Be kind to your neighbors, and remember this is a huge family holiday, so please avoid any behavior that might put children in harms way.

Tuesday morning Deana and I will be back on the air. Sue Legate from Legacy Productions will be joining us at 8:45A.M. to discuss their upcoming production of Barefoot In The Park. It’s always a blast chatting with Sue. The Galaxy Club jack pot is now over $180, so have those key tags ready at 7:45A.M.

Have a great Labor Day!



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