Time For A Signal Run. You Can Help Us!

August 19, 2014

An assignment was handed down from our new General Manager Don Langford to Deana Martinez and I this week. Over the course of the next couple of days, Deana and I will be driving throughout the foothills of Nevada County tracking our FM signal for strength and coverage area.

From North San Juan to Penn Valley to Auburn, both of us will be documenting and reporting our findings back to Don. It is our hope that this information will be relayed to the powers that be, and that efforts will be made to improve the strength and clarity of Star’s signal. FM radio waves–because they are a higher frequency, travel in straight paths and do not bend like their AM counterparts–have a tendency to worsen in valley and mountainous locations. It is for this reason that areas like Alta Sierra, Cascade Shores and the San Juan Ridge, typically do not receive our signal very well.

We will report our findings to the new GM, and on-air, on Friday morning’s show.

Feel free to call into the morning show between 6-9A.M., Monday through Friday, to give us feedback on the FM signal’s strength (or lack there of) in your neck of the woods. The number to call is 477-9494. If Deana answers, just hang up on her and call back until I pick up… she loves that! In all seriousness, we could really use the feedback.

Don’t forget to access Star 94FM’s stream at by clicking the listen live button. It’s static free!





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