“The Beard” in LA : Let The Jokes Begin

July 31, 2013

It was in the wee hours of July 21 that my morning co-host exposed me to the now viral, shirtless selfie of 70-year-old Geraldo Rivera. As visually horrific and mystifying as that experience was, it was a Tuesday sports headline that ultimately triggered my gag reflex.

The Los Angeles Dodgers this week offered former San Francisco Giants reliever Brian Wilson a one year contract. The very same Brian Wilson who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues in 15 months, and gained Bay Area popularity for ripping off Kimbo Slice’s facial hair. I fail to understand why the Dodgers are seeking the services of the 31-year-old Wilson, who will this week begin testing his second Tommy John surgery since 2003 with some minor league rehabbing. Not to mention he spent 6 years wearing the orange and black of  hated rivals the Giants, before being shown the door last season by Brian Sabean and company.

Sure Wilson has earned his share of success and respect.  After all, he is a three-time all star, a World Series champion with more than 170 saves to his credit–and perhaps his most brilliant accomplishment to date–choosing college over a contract offer from the Cleveland Indians out of high school. Still, beard or no beard, the prospect of Wilson wearing Dodger blue doesn’t sit well with me.

And so it has begun. Everyone is a comedian. Whether it’s a post to my Facebook wall of Moses in a Clayton Kershaw jersey, or a Bay Area faithful congratulating me at the office, us Dodger faithful are receiving  healthy doses of sarcasm and  Internet lampooning.

The Dodgers are currently the hottest team in baseball,  having swept four teams in the past eight weeks and winners of 22 of their last 28 games. This team is turning doubters into believers with every walk off victory. There’s no doubt in my mind that LA not only wins the division by at least eight games, but goes onto to make a serious run in the playoffs.

I’ll now use this canvas to remind Giants fans that “he who laughs last, laughs best.”





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