Thank God for Second Chances!

August 12, 2014

I’m dating a nice guy. He is very sweet. He pursued me in high school and somehow (and I really can’t see why now) he was friend-zoned. He became my best friend. Talking me off the ledges, driving me back and forth from the airport when I was living out of the state…. We went on with our lives, married other people and eventually got divorced and all of a sudden, I found him pretty much irresistible. This guy that’s always been there, my shoulder to cry on, talked to pretty regularly all that time and I never saw him the way I see him now. Married goggles? I like to think so.   But why all of a sudden was he the hottest guy I’ve ever seen? Where the hell did those butterflies come from all of a sudden? Why did my breath catch when I saw him walk into a room? It was the weirdest thing. Like that light bulb you see above a cartoon character’s head. And I am so lucky to see him that way. Jason’s been amazing- everything I’ve wanted . And to think he was there all those years ago…..thank God for second chances! Look closely, ladies. You could be sitting on a gold mine and not know it!

I had originally started writing this thinking about an article I read about nice guys finishing last- because that’s something he says when we talk about us. But I don’t feel like the prize. I feel like the one who won.


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