Dave Bear

Single Ladies, You’ve Been Warned

January 28, 2013

Beyonce is the Super Bowl Halftime entertainer this year.  It should be a heck of a show, lot’s of energy.  I’ve seen a preliminary set list and was surprised that she didn’t include “Put A Ring On It”.  It was a huge hit, and who can forget the viral video of the baby dancing to the beat?

That song popped into my mind when I recently read some advise for Single Ladies.  Single Ladies that are in the dating scene.

The publication “Medical Daily” has declared Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 to be the time that a woman will look her oldest.  In other words the absolute worst time for a Single Lady to plan to meet someone to whom she hopes to make a positive impression.

Why Wednesday at 3:30PM?  It’s due to a combination of physical effects from the previous weekend.  Staring with a lack of sleep from the weekend culminating with the weeks worst night sleep on Monday night.  Add to that research that shows the effects of alcohol on a persons face can take up to 72 hours to become apparent.  Which means a drink or 5 on Saturday night is still wreaking havoc come Wednesday.

The good news, it’s fast.  Everything is back to normal by Thursday, just in time for her to crank it up for another weekend.  Ladies, you’ve been warned . . . . . . .


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