Dave Bear

Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend – Be Safe – Whack A Snake

March 15, 2013

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of March!  As they say in the great state of Texas – The Ides of march are upon us!  A great day to be alive,  just ask Brutus…it’s a tough day to be Caesar.

It’s also a great weekend to be Irish.  I am happy to claim my Irish roots daily.  Every Saint Patrick’s Day I welcome everyone in the world to become Irish for a day.  I just wish celebrations were a little truer to the roots of the man and not just another excuse to become forgetful.

St. Patrick is NOT related to Danica.  St. Patrick was NOT a big drinker – (but given the time he lived in no one drank water).  St. Patrick DID bring Christianity to the Emerald Isle.  St. Patrick DID chase all the snakes out of Ireland – (which probably explains how my family came to live in America).

Perhaps we should be more like St. Patrick and chase some snakes outta here.  but first a dram to wet me whistle . . . . . . .



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