Putting Things in Perspective

May 21, 2013

I am here at the radio station part time in the morning and looking for a job to fill the rest of my days and pay the bills. I went to another job interview yesterday and found that they were not planning to start anyone in the position until the end of June and went home totally frustrated and somewhat dejected. I am fairly intelligent and possess many marketable skills. Do I give a bad first impression? I went through, applying for jobs that I want and now, I’m at the stage where I will take anything. It’s scary. I feel awful for people out there that have no income at all and have been looking for a year or more…. I let it get to me and was  having a little self-pity party….. and then I watched the news.

I watched the little that I could take and it was horrifying. All those kids and their families…. I can’t even imagine going on. I saw news footage of a teacher being reunited after kids in their class had perished and it was bitter-sweet. She clutched the little boy to her and cried and cried. It was heart wrenching.

So rather than feel sorry for myself, I am grateful for all of the gifts that I have been given- knowing that there are those who are experiencing more devastation than I could ever handle.


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