One Of My Best Days

August 18, 2014

As I knelt over my bbq preparing burgers in China Cove (at Donner Lake) on Sunday, I watched my wife and daughter as they floated on rafts, splashing and laughing and enjoying the summer sun. I thought to myself how grateful I am that I have two such beautiful, pleasant people in my life to surround myself with. It had been a while since the three of us took a trip together, and what made it even more memorable was the fact that we needed no IPhones or other electronic devices to enjoy each others company.

We began our road trip Friday evening in Virginia City, Nevada. It was less than a three hour drive from Auburn. We stayed at The Silver Queen Hotel. IPods and smartphones were substituted for board games and conversation. There are no two other people in the world I would rather spend my free time with than these two ladies.

We spent Saturday and Sunday at Donner Lake Memorial Park, camping and swimming. It was one of the best weekends of my life.

I highly recommend gathering all of your family’s electronics, placing them in a box and storing them in the closet. Then, gas up and go. You won’t regreat it.



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