Dave Bear

New Devleopment In Transportation

March 27, 2013

We all remember the ’60′s, right?  Or at least parts of the them.  I remember being promised flying cars by the year 2001.  Here is is 2013 and I am still ground bound.

It seems people don’t want to get airborne on their way to work.  They just want to get there without spending a small fortune filling their gas tanks.  Thus the other rumor (this one immortalized by the TV show “That 70′s Show”) about cars running on water.  Nope not yet either.

Now this development – The coffee powered car.  In Britain, Martin Bacon converted a Ford pickup truck into Coffee Car Mark 2 — the world’s fastest coffee-powered vehicle. Using a charcoal stove in the car, coffee bean chaff (a byproduct of the roasting process) is broken down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The gas is cooled and filtered and the hydrogen used to power the regular gasoline engine. The coffee car hit a top speed of 65mph in the presence of a Guinness official.

We are killing more than two beans with one stone.  First we are breaking our dependence of fossil fuel, second we are making a product we need more off (roasted coffee beans, ready for grinding and brewing), and the exhaust is a real eye opener too . . . . . . . .


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