Nevada County : What Bucket List?

February 26, 2013

We all know California is widely known for its breathtaking coastline. Destinations such as Monterey,Venice, Laguna Beach, Carmel, Huntington Beach, Point Reyes, Santa Barbara and Point Loma, are all visited by millions of people every year. As great as these spots are, I’ve come to realize in recent years that the true hidden gem in this great state of ours lies just beneath my feet.

Depending on one’s travel desires, Nevada County offers the perfect opportunity to apply some major correction fluid to that bucket list  in just a matter of days.

Last week I had the good fortune to visit Yellowstone National Park with my 11-year-old daughter, fiancee, and several members of her family. It was not only my first trip to the park, but it was also the first time I stepped foot into Montana and Wyoming. I marveled at not only the raw, over-whelming and seemingly infinite wilderness both states had to offer–and of course famous landmarks like Old Faithful–but was also amazed at how close to home this wondrous region of the country is. 

A snowmobile trip through Yellowstone is no longer on my bucket list, and all it took was a little planning, some warm clothes, an afternoon in the car pounding Redbulls and the inspiration of  friends and family.

Just 80 miles Northeast of my home  in the Sierra Nevada foothills lies Lake Tahoe. Should I choose to venture out 240 miles to the East, I would enter Yosemite National Park. A curvy, but scenic, three hundred miles to the Northwest places me in smack-dab in Redwood National Park, an impressive cluster of some of the world’s oldest and tallest trees. And oh yea, should the mood strike and gas prices stay below $4 a gallon, The Grand Canyon isn’t very far either.

Forget baggage fees, long lines, airborne illness  and that complimentary, whaling child seated directly behind you, and substitute all that madness for a camera, a map, and of course, some Redbulls.

Safe travels.


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