Hollie Grimaldi-Flores

Music And Venues – Finally!

October 26, 2012

For as along as I have lived in Nevada County,  I have been looking for an easy way to see who is playing where on any given night.  I didn’t want to have to wait for a weekly publication and I didn’t want to have to sort through  a myriad of events  – from cooking classes to puppet shows – I just want to know WHO is playing WHERE.  Alas, I am not alone!  One persistent listener and musician, Greg Ludlum, felt the same way and with a gentle push and a couple of shoves, finally got me to get into gear.  We are proud to launch Music and Venues.

In its infancy, it is simple.  A calendar you can look at by week or month.  Each day lists the name of the artist and when you click on the artist, you can see where they are playing and generally speaking, what time.

In the future, we hope to sort by venue but for now – it is the information you need to make a plan.  What are your choices for tonight or next week – just click on Music and Venues.   If you own a venue or are a musician, and would like to be listed,  send an email to musicandvenues@knco.com

Now isn’t that exciting?!  I think it is – and so does Greg.



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