Dave Bear

MIT To tThe Rescue Again!

February 6, 2013

We’ve all seen the movie “Good Will Hunting” right?  So , we all know just how smart the people are at MIT.

These genius’ have now come up with a stop light based ice cube to tell you when you’ve had enough to drink.  These cubes change color from green – to yellow – to red alerting you to your state of intoxication.

The science has nothing to do with body weight, alcohol content of the beverage it’s all about speed of drinking.  The more you lift the glass to your lips the quicker the lights change.  Seems a little simplistic, but I’m a simplistic kinda guy.

Not only that, but knowing as many people as I do that enjoy drinking, these cubes could become a drinking game – Who Can Make the Cubes Go Red First.  Or once they do change color – No Dang Little Cube Will Tell Me What Do To!  Perhaps the drinker will find the colors fascinating – Looky It’s A Pretty Red One!

It’s a good start.  A worthy idea.  Perhaps the inventor needs to spend more time in the real world of drinkers and less time in the lab.  After a few shooters maybe he could get a girls number.  I wonder what color the cubes in his drink you be then . . . . . . . . .


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