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December 3, 2012

As you know my wife & I ordered new smart phones on Thanksgiving morning.  The shipping took another week, the 2 boxes were delivered last Friday morning.

We decided that since these were Christmas presents to each other we would open them on Christmas morning.  So they sat on my desk all day.  Unopened.  Waiting.  Good idea, but not realistic.

Since my wife and & I are both the youngest in our families, we have no patience.  As soon as I got home we talked it over.  We sat down and opened the boxes.  Wow, the manufacturer really put together a nice presentation box.  It was like opening a new watch, or a nice piece of jewelry.  I was looking over the paperwork that came with my phone and checking out the screen size and how the phone fit in my hand when my wife said, “Where’s my phone?”

As any good husband would do, I responded, “Give me that box!” sure that she had just not seen the phone.  After all I have so much better eyes that she does.  But nope the phone was gone.  So was the battery.  A quick call to the store and the investigative process was begun.  Oh, and at some point her new phone will be re-shipped.

When I took a long look at the package, it was a plain as the nose on my face.  Someone had slit the security tape on the bottom of the box and resealed it with clear packing tape.  Who looks at the bottom of the box to see if the tape is intact?

As a good husband, my only response?  My new phone is repacked and not activated waiting for her phone to eventually arrive. We have talked it over and it sure seems like someone out there is fighting us getting these phones up and running . . . . . . . . .


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