Living in a Small Town

July 10, 2014

I just read a story this morning about a dispatcher in Marysville who took a 911 call and realized the caller was her husband and the reason he was calling was that her son had just choked on a metal washer….. scary stuff. He ended up clearing his airway and the boy was fine. Which reminded me of a time when I was listening to the scanner to hear an incident at my own address…….

One morning while Greg and Tom were doing sports, I was in the news room eating a bowl of cereal, listening to the scanner, when I heard my address on the scanner. It freaked me out at first because one of my neighbors had called and said there was a man who went to my front door, then to a window on the side of the house and back to the front door, where he entered. And then I laughed out loud because I realized that was my daughter’s boyfriend who walked her to the bus stop every morning. He knocked on her window to let her know he was there- so he didn’t wake anyone else. So I called the police to let them know that they did not need to send an officer- it was my daughter’s boyfriend……small towns!


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