Kids and Dating Choices

April 9, 2013

When my daughter first started dating I was REALLY worried about the choices she was making in boys. The first one had no respect for her, or anyone else for that matter, the second was clingy and needy and so was the third. It’s really hard to teach them the importance of healthy relationships when they’re “in it.” And what do I know about healthy relationships? I can tell you I have plenty of “what not to do” stories- and so that’s what I go on. There is plenty of eye-rolling and “I know, MOM!” But I think I get through, because I see the strong, independent woman she is becoming and I am so proud.

I see her with her current boyfriend and I know it’s sinking in. She’s chosen well. He’s a sweet, honest kid with a great work ethic and a strong sense of family. He cares for her feelings and is sensitive to her needs, whether she’s needing space or comfort or even just a Dr. Pepper. He’s also supportive of her goals and dreams and wants to help her make them happen.

I am really happy to see that she still has those hopes and dreams that fit with her talents and interests. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in a relationship and forget all that. But she wants to be an art therapist and has her college planned out and he’s got plans to compliment hers.

I realize that this is a high school romance and very well could end any time- but I’m glad to see that she knows how to pick ’em and keep her individuality and hasn’t lost herself or her spunk….


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