Inked and Fried: First Day Back from Oahu

July 23, 2014

What a trip.

After five days in Oahu, Hawaii, we touched down at San Francisco International Airport Monday morning at 5:57 A.M., and I’m stoked to be home…and am VERY sun burnt.

Today was my first day back at work with Deana on the FM morning show, and my first work day ever as a married man. Thank you to  Eric Gould for filling in for me; our listeners no doubt got their fill of Jimmy Eat World in my absence.

Our Thursday wedding ceremony on Oahu’s North Shore included a lost photographer and the precursor to a tropical storm. Amelia and I were married just before 7P.M. on July 17, and the light rainfall was a nice addition to the ceremony, as Hawaii is currently experiencing one of its most humid summers on record.

While In Oahu, we kayaked to an island off Lanikai Beach, snorkeled in Hanauma Bay, (Elvis sang songs in “Blue Hawaii” there) drank watermelon margaritas at Turtle Bay, and got tattoos at Skin Deep in Waikiki.  It was an amazing time. Did I leave out the $210 parking ticket we got?

It is…what it is.






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