How DO They Do it??

May 20, 2013

Checking my facebook page for local birthday announcements, I saw a post from a woman who just opened a new business, she sits on a board or two, has two active kids, is volunteer mom of the year at school AND she clearly works out. I sit in awe at all she does and wonder how she does it.

I work while the kids are at school and feel like I spend entire days in my car driving two kids in every direction. My house is a constant disaster (unless my mom is feeling generous and comes over to help) and it’s all I can do to put dinner on the table- balanced on a lucky day. AND this is considerably slower than life used to be.

There was a time when I worked from 6-9 in the morning- then onto another full time job. Lots of community meetings to attend and throw in there a couple of busy kids, singing with the church band, practice, working in a counseling program, Zumba classes (taking and teaching) – and I sucked at all of it. My head was spinning as I was moving in 20 different directions and I finally stood in my kitchen as I was tossing a quick pizza in the oven and shouted “Calgon! Take me away!” and nothing happened. I was NOT transported to a bubble bath where I could relax my troubles away. I was going to have to take matters into my own hands….

So I removed the cape- coming to the realization that I am NOT Wonder Woman, took my family and friends who said they’d be willing to help out up on their offers, cut down on the Zumba classes (which is more obvious than I’d like) and realized that my kids are teenagers and won’t be with me everyday forever. So Alex and I try to spend some time at the gym together everyday, we have dinner together most nights, do homework and when there’s time- play board games and on hotter afternoons- head for the river… dishes will get washed….eventually- local non-profits can live without me for a few years……I’ll try saving the world in my 40s.


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