How Are My Kids So Old?!

August 13, 2014

My kids both started school today. My daughter is a senior and my son in a freshman and I want them to stay right here forever. Mariya is figuring out her life at this point- what she wants to be, what her plans are when she grows up AT THE END OF THIS YEAR!! She has so much a head of her and entirely too much behind her for my taste. I want her to be 6 again. Can’t I make her 6?

Alex is just learning the ropes in a new school- completely out of his comfort zone in a new district. He’ll be making new friends and playing football. I still see him as the little boy that he was before I blinked. And then there are times when I look at him and think, “who is this big guy, taking up my whole couch?”

It’s too much. I’m excited to see them grow- but I’m not ready for them to move on… it’s too soon!


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