Here Comes The Heat Again

July 24, 2014

Last night, for the first evening in weeks, I slept comfortably with the assistance of just a single ceiling fan set to low speed. No late night water glass refills or midnight showers. No panting bulldog or 2A.M. damp t-shirt launch. I awoke this morning feeling like  I hadn’t just spent six hours rotating on a spit.

I’m happy to report the temperature gauge in the FM studio today peaked at 85 degrees. After recently returning from a muggy, five-day trip to Hawaii, you will hear no complaints from me. At least…not until Monday.

As we move later into the coming weekend, temperatures will slowly climb back into the 90s, with triple-digit heat greeting us by Tuesday. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to strap the water toys to the roof, pack the ride up with cold drinks and snacks, and head to the nearest, friendly neighborhood body of water.

Crack one for me!


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