Here Comes The All-Star Break : How Are We Doing?

July 11, 2014

With less than a week before Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game, neither the San Francisco Giants nor the Los Angeles Dodgers have managed to gain much separation from one another in the National League West. That’s not good for LA fans.

Having grown up in Orange County, I have been a Dodger fan for a long time.  I am very impressed with how the Giants have managed to stay in the hunt, and have even led the division in recent days. As much as I bleed blue, I’ve got to say I expected a lot more from this team at this point in the season.

While it is true that LA has, in recent years, really turned it on in the second half of the season, this is a team that has the highest payroll in baseball–and has managed to remain relatively healthy–and have astonishingly failed to equal teams like Oakland in the win column. The Giants have had a total collapse in pitching, with Madison Bumgarner and Tim Hudson struggling big time.

Between the Giants and Dodgers, only six players are heading to Minneapolis for the All-Star Game. The Oakland As are sending six themselves, and are playing the best baseball in the state right now, and we all know how Oakland’s payroll looks.

If the Giants manage to turn their pitching around and Angel Pagan gets healthy, they could make a serious run again in the NL West, and that would leave Dodger fans fresh out of excuses.

Lets go Blue! Wake Up!


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