Dave Bear

Growing Older Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

November 8, 2012

But it sure beats the alternative!  There’s a new study of older Americans just out.  This one looks at how we all get around.  Is it safer for people over 70 to drive or to walk to their destinations.

My Mom lives in a community where the youngsters are no less that 55.  After spending the past 20 years going for visits I have my own observations, sort of a unscientific look at the whole subject.  Summed up thusly, “Keep your head on a swivel and look out!”  But I digress:

The study finds people over 70 are safer . . . . . driving rather than walking.  Not by a small margin either.  Pedestrians 70 and over were 5 times more likely to die from being hit by a car than pedestrians in their 20′s.  Drivers of the older demographic were no more likely to die while driving than their younger counterparts.

Back to my own observations, done over 20 years in a grocery store parking lot in Arizona.  When walking to your car across that lot, you are taking you life in your hands . . . . . . . . . .


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