Community Involvement

August 26, 2014

This is the most caring community I’ve ever know. We hear about a child who is sick, someone inevitably puts together a fundraiser. We need to build a homeless shelter, the community pulls together to make it happen. We have literally thousands of non-profit groups between Grass Valley and Nevada City doing good for others.

I just started working on an event for Hospitality House, The Long Walk. It’s a poignant and powerful event to raise funds for the running of Hospitality House- also known as Utah’s Place. It will be a walk that homeless people take every day- looking for a place to rest before they’re asked to move along, places to find food and water or a public bathroom. The idea is to raise awareness for the plight of homeless people and raise funds to help them out of their situation. So you show up at Utah’s Place and pay a $25 registration fee and get a t-shirt and take a walk and come back for a barbecue. It sounds simple and fun. To join in the fun, go to hhshelter.org.

I just had a meeting with Mike Bratton, who is the most generous and caring person in town, in my opinion. He heads up A New Day Counseling Center and has been willing to sponsor me in whatever I seem to get myself into….. He has a new event called RAKE coming up that is really¬† about paying it forward. This one is unique in that you register with A New Day at Pioneer Park on September 20th and they will assign you to a project to work on for someone else for the afternoon whether it’s painting, yardwork, cleaning up- we’re all helping someone or making our community a better place. Check out their website anew-day.com.



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