Baseball : Antidote for the Mundane

February 12, 2013

This morning began just like any other.

I arrived at work shortly after five o’clock to prepare for my air shift. This generally consists of downloading various show content, researching local events, scanning for celebrity misadventures, and compiling my daily list of outlandish, nationally-trending stories.

“Man Shoots Self In Groin With Flare Gun,” “Woman Pulls Semi-Automatic At Chucky E. Cheese,” “Florida Teen Gives Judge The Finger,” all shoo-ins for discussion. However, on this particular Tuesday morning, it was a sports headline that trumped all others.

Being a devout Philadelphia Eagles fan–and still in denial the 2012-13 football season ended eight days ago–I thought I’d click over to ESPN’s site to get the latest concerning my birds and new head coach Chip Kelly.  A few key strokes later, I found myself completely side-tracked by a photo of Magic Johnson introducing pitcher Zack Greinke at a Los Angeles Dodgers press conference. Pitchers and catchers baby!

The agreement, six-years and $144 million, places Greinke in the top three for hightest paid right-handed pitchers in the league. The Dodger bullpen is looking good indeed, with just 47 days left until the season opener against San Francisco. Speaking of the Giants, is Tim Lincecum really going to rock the same hairdo in 2013?

Hey Tim, Jaromir Jagr called, he said to congratulate you on bringing 1990 back for a fifth straight season.

 Having grown up 45.29 miles from Chavez Ravine, the home of Dodger Stadium since 1962, I have fond memories of afternoons at the park, and am very much looking forward to an alternative to Lebron James and a pillaged hockey season.

Go Blue!




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