August Already? Party Tardy!

July 30, 2014

With just one day remaining in the month of July, it’s time for our area students–young and old alike–to start getting routine ready.

The radio and television ads  are constant. Major retailers are promoting the latest back to school fashions, accessories and scholastic gadgets. My personal favorite at the moment, hands down, is the locker chandelier.

This summer break has flashed on by. Hopefully you’ve managed a trip or two in since school let out last month. June and July have been a great deal of fun for my family and I. I enjoyed a front-porch-lounging, golf excursion in Southern Idaho, complete with BBQs, late night darts and ladder ball, good wine, and even better company. Two weeks ago I married my longtime girlfriend Amelia in Hawaii.

I have no complaints.

I have, however, not slept under the stars or spent a day at the river, the entire summer. Hopefully after the Nevada County Fair is over, I can lock in some much needed camping.

So whether you’re entering the sixth grade, twelfth grade, or graduate school, I wish you all success in your academic endeavors. There is still plenty of time for that last minute adventure, before the alarms begin sounding and the bells start buzzing.

Be safe…and tardiness will not count against you…not yet anyway.




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