Autumn Bound : A Summer for the Books

September 17, 2013

With just four days left until Autumn kicks the door in, I recently had a moment to reflect back on a Summer that turned out to be one of the most playful and gratifying in recent years. From concerts to ball games, camping to Micky Mouse, Sunset Boulevard to Yosemite, the last 14 weeks have provided my family and I memories that will be revisited through desktop slideshows and vainglorious chats for years to come.

June awarded me the chance to accompany my fiancee to “The Happiest Place On Earth,” including a lunch at her favorite Bayou-themed restaurant. The park’s Hollywood Tower of Terror ride satisfied my craving for gravity-defying dottiness. Just days later, an early July campout on the scenic Boise River, in southern Idaho, provided me the opportunity to sit back and watch my daughter run wild with cousins, skip stones and cross rapids via a human chain of peers in flip flops.

August delivered Taylor Swift to Sacramento for an evening, and with it my 11-year-old girl a chance to meet and greet her idol backstage. I can still hear the shrieks and smell the Wonderstruck, Swift’s signature perfume that I’m convinced the majority of tweens bathed in prior to the performance. The following weekend (Labor Day), I found myself back in my birthplace of Los Angeles, watching my first place Dodgers tromp the Padres, Dodger Dog in-hand, and replica Clayton Kershaw jersey on my back. I squeezed in time for a cold one with my brother, and walked my favorite beach with my lady.

Finally, just days ago, we returned home from Yosemite National Park. It was my first trip there with my daughter. Standing in the shadows of Half Dome, we explored trails, posed for pictures and photographed wild life together. I could have gone without having the side of my car dented by a rogue black bear, but again, that just adds to the memories.


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