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Idaho Bound

March 31, 2015

My vacation is finally here! Tomorrow my family and I hit the open road for our 530 mile journey en route to Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s a drive I’ve made many times in the past nine years since meeting my wife. Her mother, sister, and two of her brothers live there. Personally, I find that… read more


What A Burger!

March 30, 2015

This morning Deana and I sampled the new Carl’s Jr “El Diablo” burger on Star 94FM. I have had a lot of fast food burgers in my days, but I can truly say this burger is the best. Beginning with a top layer of jalapeno poppers, crispy bacon, meat, habanero sauce and sliced jalapenos, the… read more


The “El Diablo” Is Coming

March 27, 2015

Have your appetites ready all next week! Beginning Monday morning on the Morning Buzz, Deana and I will be offering up the new Carl’s Jr “El Diablo” burger to our listeners. The burger includes jalapeno poppers, pepper-jack cheese, habanero sauce AND sliced jalapenos. Ay Caramba! Deana and I will get a chance to try this… read more


The Friday Date Night Movie Is “Home”

March 26, 2015

Have you seen the trailer for “Home” yet? The much anticipated animated film “Home,”opens this weekend at Sierra Cinemas. “Home” tells the story of a wayward alien who befriends a young girl, resulting in an amazing adventure in efforts to return the ET safely to his home planet. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Jim Parsons all… read more


We Want Your “Throwback Thursday” Requests!

March 25, 2015

Attention old-school music fans! Most of you already know that Thursday mornings Deana and I rewind the clock to bring you the very best from the 1960s, 70s and 80s. We call it “Throwback Thursdays.” Original…we know. Thursdays are the one opportunity for our listeners to request some older music. There are several ways to… read more


Win Tickets To The Everyone Orchestra

March 24, 2015

Join Deana and I Wednesday morning on Star 94FM and win a pair of tickets to see The Everyone Orchestra. Conductor/founder Matt Butler, and his talented group that make up The Everyone Orchestra, will perform this Friday evening at the Center For The Arts. The group’s improvisational-jazz style has been entertaining audiences for years, so… read more


One Crazy Week

March 23, 2015

Well, have I had a week. This morning was my first day back on-air with Deana on the Morning Buzz since March 17. I had to leave town quickly last Tuesday to assist my brother in San Diego with some personal issues. I endured 72 hours of family stress, apartment-deep-cleaning, hellish traffic jams and a… read more


Win Pimps of Joytime Tickets Tuesday!

March 16, 2015

The Center for the Arts is bringing Brooklyn-based band, “Pimps of Joytime,” to Grass Valley next weekend. Be sure to be listening during the Morning Buzz tomorrow, between 6-9A.M., for a shot at winning a pair of tickets to their March 26 performance. Led by vocalist Brian J, the group performs a mix of afrobeat,… read more


Get Outdoors This Weekend!

March 13, 2015

I’m assuming most of you survived that brutal winter weather system that passed through the area on Thursday. Judging by the less than 1/2 inch of rain that filled my bird bath, I’m going to guess we are still in big time trouble as far as rainfall totals are concerned. Unfortunately, it appears we are… read more


Cinderella Tickets On Star 94FM

March 12, 2015

Be listening to the Morning Buzz tomorrow for your chance to win dinner and a movie with “Date Night.” At 7:40A.M., we’ll ask our weekly dating trivia question. The caller who phones in and answers correctly will win two tickets to see “Cinderella,” compliments of Sierra Cinemas, and two Carl’s Jr All Natural Burgers. No… read more


Another Whopper Of A Storm!

March 11, 2015

Okay, so we’re not exactly experiencing a drought busting storm today, but it’s still nice to walk outside and feel the handy work of evaporation and a cooling atmosphere. I awoke last night shortly after 1:00A.M. to my dog clawing at the bedroom curtain. Apparently there was some commotion in the street that required some… read more


Happy Birthday Chuck Norris!

March 10, 2015

Chuck Norris is 75 years old today, and still as lethal as ever. I now give you my top ten favorite Chuck Norris jokes: 10. Why doesn’t Chuck Norris wear a condom? Because there’s no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris. 9. Chuck Norris actually died 10 years ago, death just hasn’t worked up… read more


RIP Hank

March 9, 2015

Over the weekend my wife received bad news from family in Idaho. Hank, the family’s beloved 14-year-old Chocolate Labrador, suffered a heart attack while swimming in a local river. Hank was showing signs of having health issues in recent months, and his time finally came while on a family camping trip on Saturday. I had… read more


“Beer Week”

March 4, 2015

Thursdays have quickly become my new favorite day of the week thanks to “Throwback Thursdays.” We have scheduled a killer playlist of great songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s for tomorrow’s program from 6-9A.M. Don’t forget to call in your requests at 477-9494. Sacramento celebrates “Beer Week” this week, so at 7:40A.M., Deana and… read more


26 Days To Vacation!

March 3, 2015

Good lord! Is it really March already? The pace of 2015 has been ridiculous up to this point. I am still in the process of de-branching and incinerating my Christmas tree. Before we know it, it’ll be time to do some tote digging for board shorts and tank tops. The official countdown to my annual… read more


Another Big Week Of Winning on Star

March 2, 2015

Congratulations to Kris K. of Grass Valley! This morning on Star 94FM, Eric and I awarded Kris two tickets to this weekend’s Foothill Celebration, showcasing the area’s best wine and cuisine. Have fun Kris, the weather should be spectacular on Saturday. Also, performing this weekend at the Center for the Arts is the Jackie Green… read more


Is The Rain Really Coming?

February 27, 2015

The approaching storm system has inspired me to plan absolutely nothing this weekend. With rain expected by dinner time tonight throughout the foothills, I’m thinking it’s going to be the perfect weekend to hunker in and do some serious lounging. I spent two hours mowing our lawns yesterday to avoid any feelings of slacker-guilt. A… read more


Date Night Movie Of The Week On Star

February 26, 2015

“Throwback Thursday” was a blast this morning on Star 94FM. I hope you had as good a time listening as we did. Tomorrow (Friday) is of course “Date Night” on the Morning Buzz, and this weekend’s featured film is “Focus,” starring Will Smith. Be listening at 7:40A.M. for your chance to score two tickets to… read more


Throwback Thursday Is Gonna Rock!

February 25, 2015

Join Eric Gould and myself again tomorrow morning on the Morning Buzz for our weekly “Throwback Thursday” program. The playlist is final, and includes several songs from the 1960s and 70s never heard before on Star 94FM. Thursday morning also brings with it another chance to win tickets to the upcoming “Beer Week” celebration in… read more


Congratulations Ronda Elliot!

February 24, 2015

Ronda Elliot answered our Amy Grant trivia question correctly this morning on the Morning Buzz at 8:40. So, she and a guest will be enjoying the concert this Thursday evening at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall at 8P.M. Have a great time Ronda! Eric and I will be back at it Wednesday morning at six… read more