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My Daughter Makes Me Proud!

April 27, 2015

My daughter, Mariya is doing Insight:Nevada County Action today, and as I listen, I am so proud! She is interviewing Barbara Cauffman of A New Day about topics affecting kids. She’s asking some hard hitting questions and it’s so amazing to hear! If you can turn it on, do!


Enter for the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

April 24, 2015

The Morning Buzz is giving away a one night stay at the Peppermill Reno and a $50 resort credit to use in one of their award winning restaurants for Mother’s Day! The place to enter is right on the home page at Tell us why your mom is the best and give her the… read more


A Friend in Need

April 22, 2015

I was perusing facebook last  night and I came upon a post that was a desperate plea to get a guy that I’ve know for a million years to see his sick father before he passes. This is a guy that would give you everything he has if he knows you’re in need. I couldn’t… read more


Get Your Mother’s Day Entries in!

April 21, 2015

The Morning Buzz is giving away a one night stay at the Peppermill Reno and a $50 resort credit to use in one of their award winning restaurants for Mother’s Day! The place to enter is right on the home page at Tell us why your mom is the best and give her the… read more


Tell us Why YOUR Mother is the Best!

April 20, 2015

My Mom is the BEST Because…. Tell us why your mom is the best and receive prizes from our local merchants and an entry in the drawing for the Grand Prize- a one night stay at the Peppermill Reno AND a $50 resort credit! Go ahead and gush! Your Name*Mom's Name*Your Email Address*Your Phone Number*Mom's… read more


Today was a Busy Day!

April 17, 2015

There are some exciting things happening here at Star 94 Fm! It’s kept me busy all day! Listen Monday morning to find out what’s happening on Star 94.1!


Beautiful Alternate Version of Hallelujah

April 15, 2015

My cousin Heather gave birth way too early. They spent months and months wondering if her baby girl was going to make it. She miraculously pulled through and is beautiful, thriving and happy today (as you can see in the video). Heather’s mom, Kathy, wrote some beautiful song lyrics for this miraculous baby girl and… read more


A Day for Women

April 14, 2015

Tomorrow morning we’ll be giving away tickets to A Day for Women. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an amazing day of workshops for empowering and enlightenment. Everything from self defense, managing money, tech tip, recipes and wine pairings. I’ll post the schedule below. Information for you mind, body & soul. If you’d like… read more



April 7, 2015

Usually I hate the stuff because it makes for a crazy morning at work. But it stayed away until AFTER the schools opened…. now I just think it’s pretty and I’m enjoying it!


We Need More Moms Like This…

April 1, 2015

I read the story about the mom whose daughters were rude and obnoxious at a movie in Alabama. The woman in front of them was irritated by her kicked seat and the fact that the girls talked and giggled through the whole movie. When she asked them to stop, they continued. After the movie, the… read more


Garth Brooks in Sacramento

March 30, 2015

I got a chance to see Garth Brooks on Saturday night and it was the most amazing show I’ve been to! I went online the second that the tickets were available and spent over an hour trying.  I finally found a pair available in the top level for Saturday night at 10:30, which I knew… read more


Nevada Union Partnership Program

March 26, 2015

I got an e-mail from Heather Garrity from the Partnership Program at Nevada Union High School last week inviting me to their advisory board meeting. I had no idea what it was, but I thought I’d go and check it out. I found that it is a really cool program for kids that might be… read more


Making Changes

March 25, 2015

I have been super happy. Loving life, enjoying all it has to offer, no restrictions, in a fairly new relationship…. and I have become fat and happy. Which has been great- until my doctor wants to see me- my test results are in and it appears that my cholesterol is on the high side. Now… read more


Fair Games

March 24, 2015

At last year’s Nevada County Fair, the kids’ games began- the same kids’ games that we’ve been playing for forever. I looked out at the bored . parents’ faces and droned and was a little bored myself with the same old stuff. And I thought to myself, “Hey! You’re the Promotions Director, you should make… read more


The News is Too Much!

March 23, 2015

There are days when I look at what’s in the news and I am beyond horrified by what’s going on in this world. I just want to go back to bed and hide under my pillow on days like today- and this isn’t even the worst news day I’ve seen this week! I heard the… read more


Funny Stuff You Might Have Missed This Morning

March 19, 2015

I read a story this morning that made me laugh out loud- and then feel kind of sorry for this guy. A young man in China broke up with his long term girlfriend and started dating someone new. The poor guy was catching hell from both women about where his loyalty lies. So he decided… read more


Bowling for Kids’ Sake This Weekend!

March 16, 2015

It’s that time of year again! Bowling for Kids’ Sake is this weekend and it’s time to start begging for donations! Big Brother/Big Sisters is a great organizations and needs our help to keep it going! Please donate here if you can!


Marvel Universe is This Weekend and AMAZING!

March 13, 2015

I  got a chance to see Marvel Universe Live, a live action show at Sleeptrain Arena featuring Marvel Comics heroes and villains. It was action packed with amazing lighting tricks and pyrotechnics! So much fun for kids! I looked around and saw the faces of kids all around me lighting up as they saw their… read more


Marvel Universe Live is Coming!

March 11, 2015

Marvel Universe Live is coming to Sleeptrain Arena this weekend and I will be going to see it tomorrow night and I am ready! I watched the video on YouTube and after talking to Zack Huber- Loki- God of Mischief, and now I can’t wait! If you want to check it out, these are the… read more


Barbara Juneau Wrote a Book About Us!

March 9, 2015

I went to a book launch this weekend for a book written about KNCO and it was really fun! I got to meet radio station legends, whose names I have only heard in the hallways when the people who have been here forever are reminiscing. Steve Brock, Rich Brock, Mark Johnson, Uncle Sonny, George Rath,… read more