Adventure Time!

August 14, 2014

If you’ve been tuned into the morning show regularly, you’ve probably heard me talking to Deana about how I have virtually spent no time outdoors locally this summer. Well that changes tomorrow.

My daughter London, wife Amelia, dog Babs and I are hitting the open road tomorrow afternoon. Destination…Virginia City, Nevada. It appears I am the only one in this building that has never spent time in this town of 860 people. We are spending Friday night at a local hotel that is said to be haunted.

Bring it!

Saturday after some site seeing and breakfast, we are headed to Donner lake to camp for the evening. It will be my first night sleeping under the stars this summer…unless you count me passing out on my hammock in the backyard a few weeks ago. It is our last family road trip before my daughter starts the 7th grade. I hope each of you get the opportunity to fit in one more trip into the unknown before Summer ends in five weeks.

I’ll let you know how things went on Monday.



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